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Vineyards and mountains

A grape variety is also actually a vine variety.


It is the main white grape variety of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It gives very delicate and elegant wines, which are greatly influenced by the composition of the soils on which the vine grew.


This grape variety is particularly used in the elaboration of great white wines and of the "Blanc de Blancs".

Pinot Gris

A grape variety undergoing a quick ripening and giving rich and corpulent wines, with or without remainders of sugar, which are also dry and very elegant.

Pinot Blanc

This variety is very close to that of the Pinot Gris, of whom it is a transformation. According to the vineyards' localisation, it can produce in turn extremely delicate wines or, inversely, rather opulent ones.


Originally coming from Alsace, this variety has found an excellent hosting soil in La Côte and allows the elaboration of odorous and spicy wines with an elegant persistence in mouth.


This grape variety is mainly cultivated in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It gives lightly aromatic wines.

Pinot Noir

Red grape variety originally coming from Burgundy, it is now cultivated in all Switzerland except in the canton of Ticino.


Red grape variety originally coming from the Beaujolais, it is now cultivated in all the French-speaking part of Switzerland except in Neuchâtel.

Gamaret and Garanoir

They both are the results of a blend between the Gamay and the Reichensteiner: Created only recently in the vineyards of La Côte, they are thus especially well-adapted to the climatic particularities of this region and produce colourful, slightly spicy, empyreumatic and fleshy wines.


Red variety originally coming from the region of Bordeaux, it is now cultivated mainly in the canton of Ticino.


This grape variety originally comes from Bordeaux and is cultivated in La Côte only in small quantities. Its bunches of grapes are noble and strong; they come to maturity later than that of the Pinot and the Gamay.


Terms of origin


To which wines can the term of origin Terravin be granted? What do the terms of origins Fendant or Perlan mean? Discover the main overall terms of origin from our region!

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Wine tasting


Being at the same time an art and a pleasure, wine tasting allows recognising the characteristics of a wine.

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