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Vineyards and mountains

Beautiful Harvest in 2014. Even if we cannot keep the memory of a beautiful summer, it is doubtful that any wine-grower would swap the year 2014 with 2013. Surprisingly, the 2014 meteorological conditions are almost the exact opposite to those of 2013: Spring came very early and was fabulous; Summer was gloomy, but the month of September was glorious; and above all, there was very little hail in La Côte this year. In July and August, while the terraces of the restaurant were deserted because of the rain, the vine was accumulating stocks of water to be “on top” and highly benefit from a month of September among the hottest and driest that we had for a very long time. The Drosophila suzukii appeared to be more talked about in the newspapers than actually to be causing real damages in the vineyards. A few plots had to be harvested before the “official” opening of the harvest season, but the rosé wines that we got from them are perfectly sound and reveal already beautifully fruity aromas. The wine-growers are smiling and the atmosphere of the harvest is joyful, which always predicts a very good vintage.

IN THE CELLAR The oenologists are smiling, too. The sugar contents are as good as those of the best vintages from the last few years. The aromatic grape varieties, such as the Doral, the Sauvignon Blanc or the Gewürztraminer, already express their distinctive characteristics at the end of the alcoholic fermentation. The Chasselas, which were all golden when they came into the cellar, promise to give fruity and well-balanced wines. The berries of the red grape varieties are small and very sugary at the end of the maturing process. The colour of the red wines, when they come out of the vat, is therefore exceptionally deep, and the tannins are quite present but also mature and already silky. The Merlot are dense, rich and quite black. One will need to be a little patient before one can best taste the wines of the 2014 vintage. In the meantime, however, one can delight in tasting the wines from the preceding vintage, which can be discovered hereafter.

In-between happiness and frustration. This is what we could write at the end of this year’s grape harvest. The climate in 2013 could have simply been something to forget. Because of the late coming of Spring in Europe, the conditions for vine flowering have been precarious, thus limiting already the future harvest. Coulure and millerandage were moreover the order of the day. A chaotic climate followed on with hailstorms of great violence. Harvests in the canton of Jura and in the Nyon region have been decimated firstly on 20th June and then again at the end of July and beginning of August. However, a warm and glorious Summer came on, followed by a month of September ideal for grape maturation, with cold nights and hot days. While the first ingathering for sparkling wines started on 1st October, the majority of the harvest began on 14th October. During this month, wine-growers had to battle against natural elements, alternating between intensive harvesting days and resting days, depending on a capricious weather which still persisted in breaking into unforeseeable storms. If harvested volumes are weak, at least inferior to last year’s by a quarter, quality was happily preserved. Sugar contents are not as high as in 2012, but the minimum for a classification as “vintage wine” has often been reached. The palate already presents a nice structure based on a lively texture for the whites, which portends fruity and mineral wines. Maturations in the reds are good. The skins of the grapes had accumulated anthocyanins. The extraction of the tannins, as well as fermentations, took places gently. One will also find for these red wines fruit and freshness on a well-structured basis. Overall, it is a great happiness to note that the work of wine-growers for this year with difficult conditions ended with a beautiful quality in the vats, favoured moreover by the very limited amount of the harvest. Whether deliberately or naturally, it is perhaps here that frustration settles in, as one has to admit that one is unable to master everything, let alone the climate and its influence. 2013 is nevertheless alive and well and we are stronger, enriched with an experience which we are looking forward to sharing with you.

If years with 13 moons are renowned for leaving permanent traces in the winegrowers’ collective memory, 2012 was no exception to this rule. The fight against fungal diseases was indeed a hard one. Nature, however, knows how to honour its good cultivators and, thanks to the very beautiful month of September, our winegrowers have harvested grapes of a remarkable quality, both in their sugar contents and in the perfect maturity of their evolution.

The Chasselas: Discreet aromas of lime mingled with acacia, ample and supple, they caress the palate with their soft flavours as only the well-balanced vintages can do. Fortunately, they do not quench one’s thirst!

The Salvagnin: Thanks to the mildness of late Fall and to the excellent sanitary conditions, the maturing of the tannins developed languorously and gave rise to spicy flavours, tastes of liquorice and notes of red or black fruits, depending on proportions in the blends with the Garanoir and Gamaret grape varieties.

The Pinots: The bunches of grapes, made up of small grain less numerous after the flowering, greatly benefited from the climate which alternated between hot days and cold nights. Very aromatic, thick and condensed, the Pinots are also tender and rich, fruity with aromas of raspberry and blackcurrant, up to our expectations for the keeping or for immediate drinking.

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