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Vineyards and mountains
Déguster un vin 1

Pour the wine until it reaches the largest part of the glass (50ml). Grasp the glass by its stem using your thumb and your index.

Déguster un vin 2

Examin the color of the wine leaning the glass upon a white background.

Déguster un vin 3

Empty your lungs, lower your nose into the glass and breath slowly. Try to identify as much aromas you've catched as possible. This is called the "first nose".

Déguster un vin 4

Getting your glass in a circular motion will help release the aromas. It is now time to do a second olfactory analysis. This is called the "second nose".

Déguster un vin 5

Take a sip (not a gulp!). Before swallowing it, let some air into your mouth. This will let the aromas into your nasal cavities. This is called "Retro-nasal olfaction".

Déguster un vin 6

Try to identify more precisely every aromas you've felt during each step. Evaluation the balance of the wine. Spit the wine and concentrate to assess the wine's aromas lingering.

Grape varieties


To get to know even better the different grape varieties of the La Côte wines.

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Terms of origin


To which wines can the term of origin Terravin be granted? What do the terms of origins Fendant or Perlan mean? Discover the main overall terms of origin from our region!

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